Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Crack! The sound echoed through the valley as thousands of men gasped in disbelief. Their world had just changed in an instant. Belligerent bullies, cocky with pride, suddenly felt their hearts melt and their knees buckle while the cowards who faced them exploded in a wave of rage that hurled them violently forward into a day of gruesome redemption. Countless souls were torn from their bodies that day while countless more began to live again as men.

There, among the guttural yells of the warriors, and the terrified screams of the dying, embedded deeply in the brain tissue of a gigantic man, was the simple little stone that had started it all. It had been ages since the boulder had fallen from a cliff into the rolling rapids below. Churning downhill in that relentless current it eroded in time to a fraction of its former size, each unique feature erased by the journey until it was virtually indistinguishable from the miles of gravel littering the stream bed around it, no longer a boulder, it was just another stone.

But that morning something changed. That morning it caught the eye of a young boy looking for a fitting projectile for his simple hand made sling. It was instinctively weighed, measured and selected by the keen eye of an undiscovered warrior who was about to change the world. Moments later that granite missile, launched from the sling of David and sunk into the skull of the giant Goliath where it ignited the spark, that started the battle, that ultimately overthrew the entire Philistine nation in a single day.

One God, one stone, one man. A trinity of potential energy truly realized in a moment.

Dear God, take me from the lofty heights of my own making as far as I need to roll in the tumultuous currents of life to turn me into such a stone - No, even more... such a man!

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