Friday, November 7, 2008


I want to capture an image of God. I'm talking about an honest portrait of the entity himself. Not a picture of the sunset he created, the flowers he painted, the trees swaying under the force of his breath, or any of the cliches that spring to mind when you think about how to illustrate such an awesome, enormous thing. No, I'm talking about a real deal candid moment where I've got him in my lens, I see him looking right at me, guard down, sincere gaze, truthful, real, captivating! Click.

More and more I find myself drawing the view finder to my eye, pulling a graphite tip across a piece of paper, or touching my fingers to the keyboard, trying to find the one word, the one image, the one illustration, that will capture that moment of clarity once and for all. I've not seen it yet, not vividly anyway, but I believe I will - I've decided I will. It's there in my mind. A footprint here, an impression there, energetic truth, ever elusive, waiting to connect with some external thing that will trip the shutter and catch it in all of its startling beauty. That's why my drive to illustrate the cacophony of thoughts and images constantly running through my mind infuses its way into just about everything I do. It's why I keep exploring new ways to express it. I must get that picture!

If I can do that before I die, if I can capture that one image and share it with the world, then I will have accomplished more than any man has a right to dream. God, I'm not the most gifted artist you've created, but I ask you in all sincerity, may I take your portrait?

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